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Bioluminescent Bay at Puerto Rico

Bioluminescent Bay

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Bioluminescent Bay

Bioluminescence is a rare, beautiful occurrence in nature in which creatures light-up or glow. In the waters off the shore of Puerto Rico, the creature in question is a microscopic plankton known as Pyrodinium Bahamense. While these half-animal, half-plant hybrids live in waters around the world, our very own Bioluminescent Bay allows year-round nocturnal kayak excursions to watch their bright blue underwater "glow show," like billions of tiny aquatic fireflies.



For tour schedule and to book a tour call Rico Sun Tours at 787.722.2080 


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Nocturnal Kayaking Tours

Rico Sun Tours offers great 2-hour night tours of Bioluminescent Bay and "Laguna Grande," Monday-Saturday. The launch site is just 14 miles from Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa, but they also provide round-trip transportation for an additional fee.

A Rare Phenomenon

Bioluminescent organisms can be found around the world, but nowhere as prevalently as Puerto Rico. That’s because our bays are prime breeding and feeding grounds for the microscopic plankton that produce the blue glow, lighting the water year-round.


  • Where can I go kayaking in Bioluminescent Bay?

    The best place to kayak the bay is "Laguna Grande," and the mangrove channels leading to it. This is where you’ll find the highest concentration of bioluminescent plankton all year, lighting up with every stroke of your paddle.
  • What causes Bioluminescent Bay to glow?

    Pyrodinium Bahamense are the tiny creatures that create the turquoise light. A species of plant-meets-animal called plankton, there are up to 720,000 of them in one gallon of bay water. When agitated, they produce a colorful glow, much like an underwater firefly. The stronger the agitation, the brighter the color!

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