The Rio Mar gaming house is committed to providing our guests with a positive gaming experience.

The Gaming Division of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company regulates all administrative processes regarding licensing, franchise concession, supervision, and management of gaming operations in Puerto Rico.


For us, the emotional state of our clients is a priority and for that we make recommendations to take into account when playing in the casino.

  • Establish the amount of money you are going to spend and do not change it
  • Establish the amount of time limit in which you will be playing and withdraw at the end of the established time
  • Recognize that you are likely to lose money and assume the losses as part of the game
  • Don't borrow money to game
  • Don't let gaming interfere with or replace your family, friends, and work or studies


All guests must follow regulations to enter the gaming house. We reserve the rights of admission. For more information about our policies please reach us by calling 787-888-6000 ext 7777.